Inklings Book 2017


Expect the unexpected in stories and poems written by young authors with boundless imagination.

This anthology showcases the adventurous voices of Inklings in grades one through eight. With letters from their author-mentors, these pieces celebrate the power of constructive feedback and the creative process— from that first inkling of an idea to the final published work!

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The Inklings Book 2017 is the result of the Inklings Book Contest. Youth writers from around the country submitted stories and poems to be considered, and 21 youth writers were chosen to be featured in the book. Each youth author worked with a mentor to revise their winning pieces, and the results are here for your reading delight! The stories and poems are complemented by interviews with each author, along with a letter from their insightful mentors about the revision process. Along with being an entertaining read, the book is stuffed full of writing craft insight and practical strategies that you can try in your own writing.

The anthology includes work by these Young Inklings: Andrew Chu, Camille Chu, Lauren Crawford, Saketh Elumalai, Elena García, Tiffanie Huang, Toby Jacob, Oliver Jackson, Dylan Lefever, Jude Lewis, Claire Lignore, Shannon Ma, Zachary Marinov, Lauren Meier, Amanvir Parhar, Louisa Pflaum, Lily Shi, Samuel Teoh, Lila Tierney, Claire Wong, and Ann Yang.

Their mentors include: Philomena Block, Jena Brigantino, Jenn Castro, Ernesto Cisneros, Ailynn Knox-Collins, Kim Culbertson, Malar Ganapathiappan, Naomi Kinsman, Madeline Knutson, Polly McCann, Loraine McCormick, Briana Mitchell, Erica Morgan, Sarah Lyn Rogers, and Kristi Wright.

Cover illustration by Lea Lyon: www.lealyon.com

Learn more about the Inklings Book Contest here.