Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2019 finalist, Audrey Shotland! Audrey finished 6th grade this past school year. The poem she submitted is called “Reality.” We asked Audrey what she likes best about her poem and she said, “How relatable it is to a lot of people I know.” 


Look at Her!
Look at her I tell my friend. Look at how pretty she is. Look at how her hair never ends.

She’s fake!
She’s fake says my friend. She’s a princess. And she’s all just pretend.

But why?
Why is she so perfect? And why would I change myself, would it be worth it?

But she’s not real! She’s a faux for all we know!
And she’s not real.
It’s all just been a show.

Yes! It’s fake! It’s all just on TV.
It’s commercial break!
This ad’s been just for me.

You must stop!

But she’s who I want to be.
You must stop!
But she, she could be me.

NO! NO! It’s fake, just a show!
But she! She! I want her to be me!
NO! NO! That wanting, it must go!

And thanks again for checking in, my friend reality.

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