Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2022 Writer Quinn Brenner. Quinn finished 6th grade this past school year and wrote a poem called “Somehow.” Quinn said that her favorite element is “the use and insertion of ‘somehow’ at different parts of the poem to make people stop and reflect.” Enjoy!


by Quinn Brenner

Humanity is warped in no other way
You couldn’t explain
Not even if you tried 


A little slip-up
A small mistake
And it’s all over


All gone
Snatched before your eyes
Taken away like our future
By those big leaders

Who said “Not our problem”
Who left it to us
The youth
The young ones

The weak ones

That’s what we are
And now it’s our problem


Wait a minute?
Where is the spot to sign it off?
Why do you not ask for consent?

Why can’t I sign my name?
Is everyone really like this?
I hate this


I’m disappointed
But who else would be
“Because who am I if not exploited?”
I shouldn’t be

But somehow
In this world
Money is power
And time is money
And a lot of wasted time
Because people don’t realize
Until it’s too late…

Yet in this warped reality
It’s become
The ordinary



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