Have you been working on a passion project this summer? Whether you’ve written thousands of words or just a few, we encourage you to think this month about how you might turn that creative exploration into a tangible object that you can hold in your hands and share with others. Wondering how? I recorded a video for you about a number of ways to create a project to represent your summer’s creative work.

You might also be wondering: Why? Isn’t it enough to have a document on my computer or words on journal pages? Or, maybe the final product you envision is a long way off—a revised and published novel, for instance. If so, all the more reason to create a project that shows off your progress so far. You’ll be able to show and tell your vision to others (and hear real-world encouragement). Plus, you can put the object in your space as a visual reminder that that project of yours is a real thing—a valuable, exciting, important-to-you goal. Even when you’re busy with school-year commitments, you won’t forget that your project still deserves time and attention.

Writers ask me all the time how they can stay committed to projects, how they can stick with them all the way to the end. My answer? Make it real for yourself! In this video, I’ll show you a number of ways to do just that.