Summer Passion Projects

Dive into an exciting creative project this summer!

Can you imagine a project that excites you so much that you bounce out of bed in the morning to roll up your sleeves and create? This summer, we’re inviting you to take on a passion project, one that lights you up. Let’s start by discussing how to find a project that’s a perfect fit for you.

Design Your Passion Project


What’s the right passion project for you? Here are a few questions to help you develop your idea. If you like, print out the reflection activity, or capture your thoughts about the questions in a journal.

Let’s map out your summer passion project together!

Okay, so you have an idea for a passion project. Now what? 

You’ve got this! To tackle a fun, challenging project all you need is a solid plan. We’d love to help you map your way from start to finish. Fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll respond with a personalized recommendation:

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