Sterling is a long-time creative writing mentorship student. He drafted his novel with the help of his mentor, Gwen, and is now embarking on a Your Name in Ink publishing project with a new mentor, Sonja. We talked to Sterling about his writing and his time at Society of Young Inklings.

What inspired you to join the Inklings community?

I started writing my novel about two months before joining the Inklings community, and what inspired me to join was to have a mentor help me in my novel and my writing throughout the process.


What’s one dream you’ve pursued while taking part in our Society?

A dream I’ve pursued while part of Young Inklings was to write and finish a novel. It had always been what I wanted to do, and so to finally start and achieve it feels amazing.


Why is that dream important to you?

It’s a dream that I have had for a long time. I love writing and have always wanted to write a novel.


How has the Inklings community supported you and your dream?

There are so many instances and I couldn’t choose one specifically, but working with Mrs. Gwen and her critiques really helped my writing overall.


How have you grown while pursuing this dream?

I have grown as a stronger writer in general. I feel like I can create stronger story plots, develop better character arcs, and so many more.


What’s next? What’s your vision?

I am about to start the Your Name in Ink Program to edit and publish my novel! And I also am planning to start another novel. I’m going to test myself and do a completely different genre, which will be exciting.


How can the Inklings community support you in activating that vision?

Rooting for me along the way! And continuing to help other kids who come through the program!


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