Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2019 finalist, Faustin Harroch! Faustin finished 4th grade this past school year. The story he submitted is called “The Four Kingdoms” 


Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack who lived with his Mom and Dad in a village next to the king’s castle. The king had built a wall to protect all 4 kingdoms. Yes, you heard right, there were 4 kingdoms: the kingdom of humans, the kingdom of sorcerers, the kingdom of fairies, and the kingdom of monsters. There were 5 areas, 4 for the kingdoms and 1 for the monsters to kill, it was called “The Killing Zone.” Now, most people are afraid of the monsters, but not Jack. Ever since birth Jack was fascinated with monsters and today Jack’s journey was about to begin.

Chapter 1

“YOU, A KNIGHT! HAA!” said the mean knights.
“I’m going to be one, just you wait!” said Jack proudly.
“W-whatever,” said the knights, surprised he talked back to them. 10 years later Jack went to the ceremonial hall.
“I pronounce you an official knight,” said the king to Jack. “You passed,” he said, and handed Jack his sword and armor. At home Jack talked to his parents.
“I knew you would pass,” said his dad, a knight himself.
“I can’t wait for my first assignment,” said Jack.
“I just know you’ll do a good job,” said his Mom. Well, little did Jack know he would be in for a ride.

Chapter 2

“Jaaaaack!” said his mother.
“Whaaaaaaaaat?” said Jack
“You have an assignment dear,” said his mother, practically squealing with joy and jumping up and down. As quick as he got out of bed Jack was heading for The Kingdom of Sorcerers. His mission: capture the king of sorcerers for teaming with the monsters, and throw him in jail 163, the most secure prison in the kingdoms. Jack entered the kingdom.
“Now to find the king,” he said, and swiftly located the castle. The castle had 4 towers to represent the 4 kingdoms. In the middle of these four towers was a huge house-shaped tower where, obviously, the king was. Jack was greeted by an Elvin knight.
“None shall pass,” he said.
“You know all the other beings are ruled by the army so you have no choice but to let me pass,” said Jack matter-of-factly and he was right.
“F-fine,” he said. Of course he knew that, but he thought this guy was a newbie, while Jack coolly walked in.

Chapter 3

“Whoa,” said Jack as he stepped inside the castle.
“This place is like a maze!” he exclaimed.
“Hey you!” a sorcerer stepped out of the shadows. “The name’s Gotoan,” he continued, “You want to throw the king in jail? Well you have to let me tag along.”
“Why do you want to throw the king in jail?” Jack said.
“Just because he owes me, big time,” said Gotoan.
“Ha! Okay you can come with me,” said Jack as he headed for a magic carpet.
“Will we be using one of these?” said Jack.
“Of course we will,” said Gotoan. And they were off.
“Okay, where to?” said a voice coming from the carpet and, sure enough, it was.
“The king’s room,” said Jack.
“ID please,” the carpet said as Jack handed his ID. “Okay then, off we go.”

Chapter 4

“You’re under arrest by the order of the empire,” said Jack and Gotoan, knocking THE GOLD DOOR OVER!
“Ouch…” said a voice under the door. Jack lifted the door. A messenger lay there. The person was dressed in a red college uniform.
“I’m looking for someone, could you help me?” he said. “I’m looking for a Jack.”
“Well then it’s your lucky day, I’m Jack.” said Jack
“WHAAAT!” said the messenger. “Well then, my name is Scripto,” said Scripto in a small squeaky voice, “and I have a message for you!” Jack read it. Inside it said “Dear Jack, you think you can capture me well then you are WRONG! If you want to find me come to the kingdom of fairies HAHA! -The King of Sorcerers.” Jack gasped.
“Hey umm…, Scripto was it, can you get us to the kingdom of fairies? You can come too.”
“Sure. We can take my unicorn!” Suddenly a unicorn flew into the room.
“WOWZA!” said Gotoan as he was literally swept from his feet into the sky.

Chapter 5

A huge castle hung on a cloud while down below little fairies were dancing in the sunlight.
“It never rains here. That’s why there so happy,” said Scripto.
“Oh? Really?” said Jack.
“Yep,” said Scripto.
“Okay let’s go find The Queen of Fairies.”
“THE QUEEN!” screamed Scripto.
“Well, we do this kind of stuff,” said Gotoan.
“Yeah he’s right!” said Jack.
“You two are the craziest people in the whole 4 kingdoms,” said Scripto.
“Thanks,” said Gotoan sarcastically as Scripto took them down.

At the castle Jack and his friends were asked to join dinner, gratefully he accepted. Inside was like pure magic (which was true), when they entered the dining room, their noses were flooded with a smell so delicious that their bodies sat themselves down. Suddenly, the smell was gone.
“Sorry, intruder potion just to see if you were intruders, which you are not.” the Queen of Fairies walked into the room
“My queen,” said Jack, bowing. Suddenly a cackle filled the room.
“HAHAHA!! You must have a hollow head to fall for that trap,” said The King of Sorcerers. “Well you can stick around, or you can catch me mwah-ha-ha!” he said.
“My Queen do you have anything to stop him?” said Jack.
“You must be true of heart,” she said.
“Huh,” said Jack.

Chapter 6

“Excuse, me for being rude but by ‘true of heart’ you don’t mean…” said Gotoan.
“Yes I do mean that he is chosen one. There is nothing wrong with that,” said The Queen.
“Um… like everything is wrong with that,” Gotoan explained.
“That sure sounds like the prophecy,” the Queen said. Jack and Scripto sat dumbfounded.
“What the heck are they talking about,” said Scripto.
“I have no idea,” said Jack. “I think they’re talking about me.”
“No, they’re talking about me,” Scripto said.
“Jack we want to talk to you,” said Gotoan.
“Nuts,” said Scripto. Jack finished talking with Gotoan and the Queen.
“So I’m in a prophecy that says that I’m supposed to find the scepter of light to seal away the Darkness,” said Jack.
“Yes but be warned that you must go into the killing zone!” said the Queen. “And the Darkness is there.”
“OK…” said Jack, thinking. He hopped onto the unicorn.
Gotoan said, “It’s okay go without me I’m too scared of the killing zone.” He was then lifted onto the unicorn by the Queen of Fairies.

Chapter 7

They arrived in the Killing Zone’s very own…front lobby?
“Welcome, do you have an appointment?” said the lady at the front named Susan
“If not, it’s okay just 20 million jumbos.” Jumbos were worth 100 dollars in Jack’s world.
“Wowza,” said Gotoan.
“I have enough,” said Jack.
“WHAT!!” said Gotoan and Scripto.
“Come right in then,” said Susan.
Inside was much different. There were knights everywhere. “CRUNCH!” Jack had stepped on something that looked like a branch, but as Jack looked closer he found out that it was a magical knife that bore the seal of the elves.
“It’s pointing to the cave,” said Jack, heading for the cave while beating 3 other wild monsters who had suddenly attacked.
“Oh sure, we go into a cave that a spare knife is pointing to,” said Gotoan sarcastically, but he had to go in because Jack suddenly screamed.

Chapter 8

Inside the cave was a huge monster the size of 20 elephants.
“Wow this thing is as big as a huge ship,” said Jack.
“Hey,” said Gotoan, “Isn’t that …” but his sentence was cut off by maniacal laughter that seemed to be coming from the top of the monster. It was the King of Sorcerers.
“Mwa-ha-ha , I’m controlling this monster by using brain waves! He thinks you are all tasty snacks. Mwa-ha-ha!”
“Why exactly did you tell us that?” asked Gotoan.
“Someone needed to know,” said the King of Sorcerers.
“No,” said Gotoan.
“Yes th… AAAAAHHHHHH!” said The King of Sorcerers as Jack swung his sword at his ear because he had not forgotten his mission to put the king in the jail cell 163. The pain was so strong it knocked out the King of Sorcerers.


So, Jack returned to the capital with the King of Sorcerers
“The King of Humans, Gastor II, is going to be happy,” said Jack as he entered the king’s room. Jack was pronounced the king’s right-hand man and his Dad and Mom could retire early. As for Gotoan, he became the king of sorcerers and Scripto became his right-hand man.

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