This month, we talk to author Colby Sharp about his book of ideas and stories, The Creativity Project. In this exclusive video interview, we learn about what inspires Colby as a teacher, writer, and reader, plus Colby’s favorite children’s books of 2019.


Writing Challenge

This month, Colby has challenged us to use Peter Brown’s prompt:

Create something that includes a tree somewhere out of place.
Tell us about it! Draw a picture to help you visualize your tree. What it looks like, and where it is? Why is it out of place? What’s happening in this place?
Aim between 350 and 1000 words. Submit your response with the button below.

A Video Interview with Colby Sharp



Young Author's Studio: Design a Picture Book

Come artists and writers alike! In this writing and art-making workshop, you’ll play to your strengths, be those strengths visual art, storytelling, or both. We’ll create and refine a picture book text, design a book dummy, experiment with illustration style, and complete at least two finished spreads. You’ll walk away with all you need to take your book to completion!

This Zoom workshop in partnership with Stone Soup runs July 20-23 from 9 – 11 am (PST).


A special thanks to Colby Sharp for sharing with us! You can find Special SIGNED EDITIONS of Colby Sharp’s book, The Creativity Project, here.

Colby Sharp is a fifth grade teacher in Parma, Michigan. He and his wife have five children (Breslin, Dharia, Adelai, Hobbes, and Harvey). He loves helping kids find the books that help them fall in love with reading. Colby has been a classroom teacher since 2006. In 2011, he started the Nerdy Book Club blog with his friend Donalyn Miller. He co-hosts The Yarn podcast with Teacher Librarian Travis Jonker. He also serves on the Nerd Camp Michigan team. Nerd Camp is a free literacy event that takes place in Parma, Michigan each summer.


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