Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2018 finalist, Aanya Singh! Aanya finished 4th grade this past school year. The story she submitted is called “Lightning.”  Aanya told us that her favorite parts of the story are the descriptive elements. Enjoy!


I watched Bristle’s every move.

Why was she backing away from me like that?

Suddenly the tree I was under smashed down, and chips of wood showered down on me.

I felt as if I was underneath a wooden waterfall.

Something quickly pulled me up. I looked to my side to see what had happened. There was smoke coming from the pile of leaves and birch wood.

What had happened? What had made the tree fall? I asked myself.

I was the first one to open my mouth, “Bristle, what just happened?”

“I-I-I really don’t know,” Bristle answered, her face as blank as mine. “Lightning struck the tree.”

“How did I live?” I asked.

Who pulled me out?

“Well, I pulled you out just as the tree shattered,” Bristle answered kindly.

“Thank you!” I beamed at Bristle. I never expected her to help me. She had always thought of me as the wolf that made her sister dislike her.

My fur was rusty and matted. Smushed thorns and grass were attached to me and Bristle. The cold night air blew on our faces.

Bristle finally spoke. “You’re welcome.”

“We should really be getting back now. It’s really dark.” I yawned, my body sore.

“B-but we haven’t even explored around this place,” Bristle stuttered.

“Bristle! Are you crazy? I nearly got killed out here! How could you want to stay?” I asked, huffing.

Bristle sighed and then walked toward the dens. I followed right behind her. Not a slight sliver of hesitation in my steps.

“Well, anyway, what are you going to do about your scar?” Bristle asked, a bit too curious.

“Bristle, not to be rude, but I don’t want to think about that or the lightning or anything. I just want to relax. I’ve had a very tiring day today.” I raised my voice very slightly.

Bristle quickly backed away from me and kept walking. I put my head down and followed.

Bristle was partly right. I did have to do something about the huge scar that cut across my back. I couldn’t ignore it forever. I would just have to go to the healer.

I limped to my den, still trying to process all that had happened. A huge bolt of lightning had nearly hit me, I could’ve gotten killed.

I wondered why Bristle had saved me. She never really liked me. Maybe she had a nice side to her.

I was still pretty hurt so I decided to go to our main Healer, Avery.

When I walked in the den it was cold and smelled like blood. I looked around for Avery and noticed a bloody, hurt wolf. I was so glad that wasn’t me.

“Hey Starlight!” Avery’s sweet and calming voice came from one of the rooms.

“I’ll be with you in a minute,” she said.

“Hi! Oh, okay,” I answered, and sat down on the leaves in the front room.

I licked my scar continuously, wondering if that was all it needed.

Avery walked back into the room and started looking at my scar. She brushed it and asked me if it hurt. After a few minutes of thinking and examining, she thought of an answer.

“Just give it a few days rest, try not to walk around very much and definitely don’t run unless you’re in a life or death situation,” Avery said.

I nodded and licked my scar once more before thanking Avery and leaving the den.

I stayed up for a couple of hours. I was thinking about how the next day would go, with Bristle. Our past had been the worst, her thinking I had stolen her sister away from her. She hated me so much. She would do anything to make sure I was out of the pack, so when she saved me from the lightning, I was so surprised.

Maybe from now on, she would treat me like a friend. That would be a big relief.

As I thought about this, I tossed and turned and finally, went to sleep.



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