This year, there were 242 young writers who submitted their works to the Inklings Book Contest. Wow! Many thanks for sharing your work with us. We consider it an honor to get to read it.  Below is the list of winners and finalists.


  • Padma Madhyasta, Grade 3
  • Shinjini Samanta, Grade 3
  • Liana Zhu, Grade 3
  • Jeein Choi, Grade 4
  • Sanjay Ravishankar, Grade 5
  • Ksenia Baatz, Grade 6
  • Amann Mahajan, Grade 6
  • Anna Birman, Grade 7
  • Adam Collins, Grade 7
  • Alexa Friesel, Grade 7
  • Nuala Kilroy, Grade 7
  • Anna Yang, Grade 7
  • Mito Funatsu, Grade 8
  • Eva Salvatierra, Grade 8
  • Ember Summer, Grade 8
  • Max Wang, Grade 8
  • Allison Gable, Grade 9
  • Claire McNerney, Grade 9


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