Whether writing is your superpower or it’s a struggle, the best way to move forward is with personalized attention. Society of Young Inklings offers video mentorships, so no matter where you live, we’re in your neighborhood. Our mentorships are highly customizable.

Our mentors help you:

  • set a specific goal
  • challenge yourself to build new skills
  • stay motivated and track your progress
  • develop creative and critical thinking strategies
  • blast through blocks
  • laugh and enjoy yourself along the way


Creative Writing – Helps writers take their writings skills to the next level through developing, drafting and revising an original short story, novel or other creative piece.

Fusion Writing– Builds essential writing skills through a customized blend of academic and creative writing instruction.

Academic Writing – Builds essential writing skills: mechanics, organization, grammar, spelling, and critical and creative thinking. Students are welcome to use real-world work in their sessions.


One on One – The ultimate personalized mentorship, completely designed for your child’s goals. Price: $75 per student per 45 minute-long session

Semi-Private – A customized experience for two children, whether siblings or friends, at an excellent value. Price: $60 per student per 45 minute-long session

Writers Circle – A customized class for 3-6 students. Invite your own peers or be placed in a group of like minded young writers! Price: $40 per student per 45 minute session


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