Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2018 finalist, Amanvir Parhar! Amanvir finished 7th grade this past school year. The poem he submitted is called “A Little Girl Named Luna.”  One of our judges described the poem this way: “The poet gives voice to the relationship between the moon and the earth in a way that is dynamic and interesting.” Enjoy!

Night after night,
The blanket of darkness
Falls over
Dear Mother Earth,
Out comes her
Loving daughter,
Wishing for
Her mother’s love
As a sapling yearns for the sun.

But Mother Earth,
Preoccupied with her
Denizens and all,
Has no time
To love her daughter, the moon,
Luna, at all.

Poor Luna
Remains without a hug,
She starts to walk away,
Dejected as always.

Night after night,
Luna returns,
Yearning to embrace
Her beloved mother
Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Until the time comes,
Once a month,
When Luna gets her chance,
And when we
Look to the skies,
She is nowhere to be seen.

Being loved by her mother,
Luna is
In a place
Far away from land or sea.

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