A Scoop of Sour

scoop-of-sour-promo-coverI turned on the faucet and watched warm water trickle into the tub until it was full. I hopped in, foaming bubbles surrounding me. I took a deep breath and just soaked. I gently closed my eyes and drifted into Nothingness Land.


Boom! I jolted upwards, my clean, wrinkled skin contacting the cold air. My eyes popped open and I shivered. I looked straight up to see a rainbow sky! I wiggled my toes and saw golden brown liquid filling the bathtub. Where did the water go? And the bubbles? What the heck happened? Where was I? Not California, for sure.


Sydney is sure that seventh grade is going to suck, when suddenly she is whisked away from friendship drama and frustrations with her mom to the magical world of Candyland. Maybe a bathtub isn’t so ordinary after all…


Sydney’s story will take readers into an adventure filled with creamy chocolate rivers, marshmallow clouds, gingerbread houses, evil queens, and much more!


About the Author: 

Although Sahana Singh wishes she could eat candy for every single meal in Candyland, she currently lives in Sunnyvale, California and goes to the Girls’ Middle School. Photography, baking, and exploring new cities are some of her interests. One of Sahana’s favorite childhood board games, Candy Land, was her main inspiration. A Scoop of Sour is her debut novel.

Sahana recently published her novel through the Your Name in Ink program. In this program a young writer is mentored by a professional writer through a six-month revision process which results in publication and distribution.


Pay it forward! Through book proceeds, Sahana is raising funds toward scholarships for the Your Name in Ink program.

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