Today’s writing challenge response comes from Arush Sharma, age 11.


Arush took the challenge from our April 2018 Ink Splat. The challenge said:

Open a book with your eyes closed and point to a word. That’s your first word. Do it again. That’s your second word. One more time and that’s your third word. Now, set a timer for ten minutes. Write as much as you can without stopping or looking. Mine what you like out of the rubble when you’re done.

Arush’s words were “clone,” “Yoda,” and “complete.” Here’s what he came up with:




Clone Yoda Complete
by Arush Sharma

“Clone Yoda complete,” said my assistant robot who helped me out in my laboratory when I was doing experiments. The experiment this time was cloning, which I had mastered, but the clone was the all-time famous Yoda from Star Wars! The government had ordered me to do the secret experiment and told me to give the plans when it was successful. Now, it was time to see the result.


“All right, Rob,” I told my robot, “Lift the glass and show me the result of this tedious cloning.” I tried to open the glass and reminded myself to wait for the robot to open it.


The glass slowly made its way up and the steam inside flowed out, showing bits and bits of the result. After all the fog lifted, I saw if my experiment had come successful. What I saw made me jump in excitement. Inside of the master bedroom sized glass stood three three-foot tall green figures standing in an array, just like in a marching band. They wore cream-colored robes and had elfish ears. They each had about three fingers, and were donning lightsabers twice their size. It was successful!


“Hooray! The future of the United States stands unharmed!” I exclaimed. Rob sent out fireworks in the lab made it a cheerful atmosphere, although there stood another problem.


I walked over to the huge stand where the Yodas stood still, looking at the atmosphere and fidgeting with the fireworks. I asked, “Hey, who are you?”


All of them looked at me and said in unison, “The Yodas we are from the far away galaxy. Who are you?”


I tried to think of an answer. “Uh, I am the guy who created you using an animatronic Yoda toy. I, uh, created a machine that would clone the animatronic, and then I created a DNA creator that would give you life, which is why you are talking to me and not killing me.”


The Yodas just stared at me, as if they were infants trying to learn trigonometry. I simplified, ”I used a guy and cloned it and gave you all life.” I walked up to one of my cabinets with whatnot in it and pulled out an animatronic Yoda, the exact same one that was used in the movies. “This is you,” I said.


The Yodas finally opened their mouths and murmured something, though you could clearly understand that they were impressed by how this could have happened. And the process was very complicated. But now, I admired my result. It was time to tame them.


“So, guys, what are you going to do?” I asked them.


They looked at each other and said something in some other type of language. After what seemed to be a heated argument, one finally piped up and said, “Come up with a decision we have. Like to live with you, we would.”


“Aw, you guys… I didn’t expect this from you. I was planning to send you away even though you didn’t want to.” As I said this, their grins turned into upside-down smiles. “But if you insist, you could live with me.” They cheered.


I was about to institute some rules when they did what you would call a party. They flashed their lightsabers bright green and waved them around the laboratory.


Then, I made an important discovery: They were very immature, unlike the actual Yoda, who was really 900 years old, so he couldn’t exactly be immature. But, these Yodas acted like kids. They spoke in the same accent and the same style but they were still acting like kids.



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