Congratulations are in order for our newest young author, Avery Yue. Avery (age 11) recently revised and published her book, Salim’s Battle through the Your Name In Ink Program.


Avery with her brand new book!


In the Your Name in Ink Program, professional writers mentor youth through a 6-9 month revision process which results in a printed or published book, just like Avery’s. Click here to learn more about the program.


Salim’s Battle by Avery Yue

Calli has been trapped on the island of Baraka for what was two years in her life – but was actually two decades. When she learns about the evil snake named Salim who is trying to create a fictional army to take over the worlds, Calli has to take action. She teams up with Nick, the mischievous kid who fell to her island after touching a blackboard, and Archie, the wizard who is really bad at spells, but actually pretty good at comic relief. They battle lava monsters, meet funny people, and add an opinionated wolf, a small dragon, and a sad frog to their team. Calli’s story will take readers into a place of confusing worlds, including a land of lava and a backwards planet, wizards, talking pets, and a chipmunk who turns people evil.


 All proceeds from book sales will benefit our scholarship program for future Your Name In Ink young authors. 


Click below to buy your own copy of Salim’s Battle.



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