Salim’s Battle

Everything was normal until Nick came across the talking pencil. He hadn’t even known pencils could talk in the first place.


Calli sighed. “My name’s Calliope, but you can call me Calli. Calli Eclipse.” A last name I must share with a sister who tried to kill me multiple times.


Archie stared at him. “How did you get up there so fast? And my name is Archibald Magnus Ingared the 142, winner of the worst wizard EVER, twenty years running!”


Calli has been trapped on the island of Baraka for what was two years in her life—but was actually two decades. When she learns about the Evil snake named Salim who is trying to create a fictional army to take over the worlds, Calli has to take action. She teams up with Nick, the mischievous kid who fell to her island after touching a blackboard, and Archie, the wizard who is really bad at spells, but actually pretty good at comic relief. They battle clichéd lava monsters, meet funny people, and add an opinionated wolf, a small dragon, and a sad frog to their team.

Calli’s story will take readers into a place of confusing worlds, including a land of lava and a backwards planet, wizards, talking pets, and a chipmunk who turns people Evil.


About the Author: 

Avery Yue was nine years old when she wrote the first draft of Salim’s Battle. She was inspired by Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling for Salim’s Battle, but can really be inspired by anything, from a video on YouTube to a weird pattern on a leaf. She loves to write, and she wants to become a screenwriter or something like that when she grows up. She likes swimming, fencing, running, and Doctor Who.

Avery has been homeschooled since kindergarten, although she still thinks the day should start at eleven and mornings should be banned. She lives in California with her two dogs, two rabbits, and older brother, as well as her mom and dad. She also dislikes being referred to as “she” since it’s strange, so she’s probably going to stop writing her “About the Author” and get back to her book.

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