We are proud to wish a happy book birthday to The Other Side of Carroll by Sophia Nesamoney.

Every writer dreams of holding a book in their hands, published, with his or her name on the spine. But why should young writers wait until they grow up for their dream to come true? Young Inklings like Sophia Nesamoney have proven that young people absolutely have the passion, dedication and skill to create novels worthy of a reader’s nightstand.

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Oliver and Shirley Tark were about eight years old one summer, and the family had come back from seeing a movie. Their father sent Oliver to get some bread. Shirley was playing outside with her jump rope, and the parents were discussing a dangerous topic they never talked about in front of the children. But then something happened, something that changes the course of all their lives. Something big, something that could never be fixed.

Oliver and Shirley’s journey is a unique one. It captures the importance of family and will surely take readers on a thrilling ride full of sadness, memories, adventure, and joy.

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