The long awaited moment is here! For a limited time, the Fall 2020 Drafting Workshop is open for registration and we’d love for you to join us.


What’s the Drafting Workshop?

When we asked our Drafting Workshoppers what their favorite parts of our writing community are, they said:

So, what exactly is it like inside the Drafting Workshop? What happens there?


Here are a few highlights:

Meet Authors:

In one of our recent author interviews, Sarah Allen shared that she took one slice of herself and dialed it up to 100 to create her main character in What Stars are Made Of.

Marilyn Hilton, author of Full Cicada Moon, loves to race the clock using the app Write or Die. If she pauses too long, the app starts deleting her words!

Ernesto Cisneros inspired us with stories about his life, and the way he uses his daily experiences to inspire fiction, such as his book, Efrén Divided.

Set Goals and Track Your Progress:

In a recent session, we discussed how even though we LOVE writing, sometimes we resist sitting down to write.

Why is that? Sometimes we get in our own way.

The good news is that in the Drafting Workshop, writers say that the goals and milestones they set help them to push through their resistance. Once they start writing, excitement follows. Then, they can’t wait to see what happens next in their story, and that’s all the motivation they need to keep filling page after page.

A Mentor to Cheer You On:

You never know when you’ll hit a writing snag, but when you do it’s fantastic to have a mentor just a message away to help you problem solve. And when you catch inspiration in your writing sails and make spectacular progress, it’s even more fun when you can share your success. We love to celebrate your wins!

See Your Writing with Fresh Perspective:

Last month, we created a collage to explore the themes of our story. We also experimented with poetry and word choice. Especially when you’re working on a long project, it’s always helpful to take a couple minutes to try something fresh and new. You gain enthusiasm and ideas to take back to your work.

Give and Receive Feedback:

One of a writer’s most important skills is to know how to give helpful feedback, and also to know what to do with feedback others give to you. You can practice both of these skills during our monthly feedback session, one of our Drafting Workshoppers favorite events of the month!

Why Join the Drafting Workshop?

If you love to write, if big goals excite you, and if being around like-minded peers lights you up, the Drafting Workshop is the place for you to be. Join us, dream up a goal that inspires you, and amaze yourself with your capacity to make that possibility come true. We’re here to support you and cheer you on all along the way.


Ready to dive in?

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We believe in you and your story. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in, please don’t let tuition be a reason not to take part in our community.

Let’s partner in a way that works for you.

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