Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2018 finalist, Mahika Katariya! Mahika finished 4th grade this past school year. The poem she submitted is called “Nothing Will Stand in My Way.” Mahika said about her poem, “I have tried to express the journey of finding strength and standing up for myself against these bullies through my song/poem…I hope you like it.”

Walking to school on a warm Monday,
Nothing’s standing in my way.
Usually, I complain, lugging my backpack is hard,
But today, with a bright smile, I greet the crossing guard.
With spring in my steps, I walk right through the gate,
But worry floods me as I see them waiting by the door—Sam, Bella, Kristy, and Kate.
I feel a foot blocking my way, I lose my balance, I trip and fall,
Then they lend me a hand and say, “Oh, we didn’t mean to do that at all,”
But during recess, they point and laugh as they call me names,
Their giggles hurtful like salt on a wound when they say, “oh, she’s so lame,”
Tears well up in my eyes… embarrassed, I run away,
Who was I to think, ‘nothing could stand in my way?’
By the time I get home, I’m a hot mess,
My eyes are red; I am in deep distress,
Soon my homework’s soaked in my own tears,
From all the pressure yielded by my peers,
But I need to stay strong; I wipe my eyes; I think about the faith and love,
That guides me every day,
Then I remind myself, nothing can stand in my way!
The next day, I try to stand tall,
But they keep calling me a ‘know-it-all,’
And they say my bright orange shirt doesn’t match my navy belt,
I feel sadness in my heart like I’ve never felt,
But I’m trying to keep my head held high,
Even when they spread the rumor, ‘how much I lie,’
Their teasing goes on from days to weeks,
They tell me I have the fashion sense of a freak,
That I brag way, way, way too much,
About my dreams, my desires, my skills… and such,
But when I got sad that day,
I thought about the hope and love that helps me have a say,
And I… just walk away,
‘Cause I know in my heart, nothing’s standing in my way!
And of course, they tease me the next day,
But I shrug it off and skip away,
It’s just like they say, I know it all,
And I know their teasing helps me stand tall!
When bullies bully, the minutes seem longer,
But all their taunting makes me stronger,
So keep teasing, mean people, I don’t care,
You can’t tease this girl about what she wears!
So what if I have my nose buried in books,
I don’t care if you’re teasing me ‘bout my looks,
Bullies, you’re wasting your time, go away,
‘Cause I’m not letting you ruin my day,
If I stay ME, if I stay STRONG, bullies don’t hang around for long,
When no one’s there and it gets tough, I remind myself, “I am ENOUGH”
My belief in myself is all I need; it is my friend that will never lead me astray
With head held high and a bright smile, I walk to school, I begin another day,
And now…I know for sure… nothing will stand in my way!
Yes, Nothing Will Stand In My Way!

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