You’ve noticed your child has a knack for writing. How can you provide her with guidance, support, and an outlet? How do you know if a mentorship is right for him now or in the future?


The truth about what will help your child now, and what he or she might need in the future may surprise you. Like one parent I spoke to recently, you might be surprised to learn that your child’s obsession with graphic novels may be building the very storytelling muscles that he or she needs. Or, you and your creative youth may be shocked to learn that classes or internships that build marketing, entrepreneurial, teaching or public speaking skills are vital to many professional writers’ toolkits. The choices you make now will make a huge difference for your creative youth, and we’d love to help you navigate. That’s why we put together a special one-hour workshop especially for parents.


In this workshop, Society of Young Inklings’ Founder and Executive Director, Naomi Kinsman, will share the common stages of growth that youth writers move through. Parents will come away with a roadmap for the possible path ahead and practical strategies for supporting their creative kids now, through next steps, and as they move toward college and careers of their own.

This workshop is over now, but you can access our free training series for parents by signing up below.


A Week of Creativity!

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Let's go! Join us for a Week of Creativity to sharpen your skills and fan your child's creative flame.

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