We’re checking in on our Inklings, many of whom are hard at work on a writing passion project this summer.

Here’s another drafting activity to add energy and possibilities to your story. In this quick sample of a Drafting Workshop activity, we’re exploring what your character would never do … and then considering what might possibly happen to cause them to break their own rules.

When we surprise ourselves as writers, we also surprise (and delight) our readers. Try out this thought-experiment with us. You may find the perfect twist for your story. Or, you may learn something about your character that sends you back to your original plan with fresh insight. Either way, this quick creative exercise is an excellent use of five minutes.

By the way, if you’re not currently an Inkling, but you are a youth writer working on a passion project, come on over to Society of Young Inklings and tell us about it. You can snag some free feedback, and also celebrate your win with us at the end of the summer. Learn more and share your project here.