Today we are featuring Inklings Book Contest 2021 finalist Aadhya Gupta! Aadhya finished 6th grade this past school year. She shared a poem called “The Little Things.” Enjoy!

By Aadhya Gupta

The feeling of staying at your home
Is the one that you can never beat, no matter where you go.
Get your hot chocolate snuggle up close
Family by your side, the people you love most.
Look outside the window, the snow dribbles down,
Like the rat-a-tat of a rainfall falling about.
The sunlight strikes the snowflakes sending chills all around,
As the winter flowers bloom and remove all the gloom.
The sudden pitter-patter of snowflakes hitting the ground
The joy when your family calls you in abound.
The teeny-tiny moments you live can make a big difference,
To people everywhere, but for you, that’s a preference.
The joy of walking for the very first time;
The feeling of working to earn a dime.
The euphoria that you get when you open your eyes
Being able to see the world rise up and thrive
The contentment when your family walks by
Pass on a little wave, “Oh hi!”
From season to season the brand new recollections
The deep new connections that may proceed
Those grand new occurrences you need to see
May make you beam, may make you cry.
We need to learn, listen, and appreciate
Know that everything we do is best.
The little things and the little joys,
Make our world better in the blink of an eye.

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