The Search

I was searching for something. Lost memories, Maddie, a way home. Something I couldn’t identify. Whatever it was, it was drawing me to it. I knew I would find it, someday.

After the tragic events at the other’s lair, the four kids who set off to save the world are not in great shape. Two dead, one missing, and one a blank slate. But the others are still here and someone has to finish saving the world. Who will it be?





Megan White is a junior in high school and dreams of being a famous author someday. She loves writing by a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate while it rains outside. She also rides horses in her free time.


From Megan:

I wanted to write and publish a book because writing has always been my outlet. It’s been an escape for feelings and ideas, and the rhythm of words has always interested me on a level beyond mere appreciation. Since I was really young, writing has been my “thing,” and publishing a book seemed like the most logical way to share my creations with the world. I want to be a famous novelist when I grow up, and I figured that the sooner I start, the better.

Megan PhotoWhat surprised me most about the process was how intensive the editing got. I had prepared myself more for a grammatical check and the occasional fix, the way I edit school papers, but I was really encouraged to strip my story down and look at all the pieces and how they fit together, and to take out or add entire scenes or story arcs. I hadn’t expected to expend more effort editing that writing, but that’s actually how publishing works: the first draft is just a mess of ideas pulled haphazardly out of the author’s head and scattered on the floor, while the editing process takes all of those ideas and arranges them into a work of art.

I chose the SPCA for my charity, mostly because I love animals and want them to get the best chances in life. Any charity that helps animals out of abusive situations and finds them new and happy homes is important, but I chose the SPCA because I thought they would do the most with the proceeds from my book. I’m proud of being able to create something like this, something real and tangible, that other people can read and appreciate. Especially working around school, horseback riding, and my meager social life, it has been difficult in the past few years to find time to write and work on this side of myself, and this is living proof that even when I feel like I’m stalled, I am still accomplishing more than I think.


50% of book proceeds will go to the SPCA. The other 50% provide scholarships for future Your Name in Ink students.



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